Love Hope Faith. In Honour of

Exhibition at the gallery Exhibition Bureau of Polish Modern Art Foundation

Love. Hope. Faith. In Honour of

Miłość. Nadzieja. Wiara.
Ku czci…

Exhibition in 3 acts:

April 10 – May 31, 2019

June 27 – July 31, 2019

August 8 – September 15, 2019

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Exhibition Bureau / Polish Modern Art Foundation
Curators: Sarmen Beglarian, Sylwia Szymaniak

Partner: The Xawery Dunikowski Museum of Sculpture at Królikarnia, a branch of the National Museum in Warsaw

The exhibition is related to the project:
Forming Memory. Monuments in Central Europe
Lectures and Artistic Activities on Memorial Sites in Central Europe.

The aim of the project is to examine the notions of heritage and memory and to show the memory of Poland’s heritage in the context of the legacy of Central Europe. A different cultural and historical perspective of invited specialists and artists from different countries will create an opportunity to gather and exchange knowledge about historical events and artistic legacy (monuments) in selected countries. Invited researchers and artists in their references will attempt to define national distinctiveness and find common elements of national identity. They will also ask whether dialogue in the context of memory is possible, whether it is possible to negotiate memory, and how individual and collective memory works.

Lectures and artistic activities will be recorded and published on the website devoted to the project:

Organizer: Polish Modern Art Foundation
Curators: Sarmen Beglarian, Sylwia Szymaniak

The project was financed from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the Multi-annual Program “Independent” for 2017-2022, as part of the grant program of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute “Cultural bridges”.